Quality Commercial Pest Control for Quality Assurance Managers

Providing peace of mind to Quality Assurance Managers

We work with Quality Assurance Managers from a variety of different industries to make their compliance responsibilities be as seamless as possible from an auditing and reporting point of view.

From a technology point of view, we provide:

Dynamic Maps

View all active stations and receive zone specific information.

Trend Reports

Easily identify trends based on locations, zones and historical data.

Link Documents

Easily access documents from our online platform.

Dynamic Maps

What are Dynamic Maps?

We map and layout all active stations into a map so that you can easily see the bigger picture wherever you are in the world. See stations flash in the event of recent activity or view informations on historical level for each zone.

Identify pest information with ease.

Mitigate Risk

Based on historical data and trends, mitigate your risk by having the data and tools readily accessible at your fingertips, in real-time.

DateInfestation LevelActivity
24/12/2020Moderate Infestation4
28/01/2021Moderate Infestation6
22/02/2021High Infestation8
26/03/2021Low Infestation1
29/04/2021High Infestation10

Reports & Activity

At your fingertips, examine all reporting data for each location, zone and inspection point.

This is accessible 24/7 and in real-time. Our team is available when you need us most in the event of any audit.

Easily view and export reports and graphs from our dashboard.

Trend Report

Narrow data based on site, facility and inspection point.
Use historical data with date ranges to identify trends in infestation level, pest activity and more.

Using reports to prevent or reduce infestation

Using our trend reports, you will be able to identify trends that are potentially preventable, and make better decisions.

What's included in the report


View data based on site locations.


View data based on site specific zones.


View data on pest activity across locations and zones.

Infestation level

View data on infestation levels across locations and zones.


Easily read and export graphs to excel etc.

Link Documents

Site Specific Documents

Easily access site documents such as Approved Chemical List, Site Specific OHS and more.

Approved Chemical List

Scope of Service Agreement

Site Specific

Hazardous Substance

Pest Control Hardware Station Location PDF

Standard Operating Procedures

Global Documents

Easily access global documents that are required for compliance such as SDS, HACCP certificates, insurance certificates and more.

HACCP Certificates
Orkin Au

Safety Date
Sheets SDS


Safe Work Method Statements SWMS

Chemical Risk

Hazardous Substance Register

Policies Orkin

Standard Operating

Insurance Certificates